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EERC Location

St. Edward State Park

The EERC will be housed in St. Edward State Park (SESP) which is unique in the Seattle area in the integrity and diversity of its natural ecosystems including healthy upland and riparian forests, open fields, wetlands, streams, and the longest undeveloped lakeshore on Lake Washington.  With over 700,000 visitors annually, SESP has ranked as third most heavily visited Park in WA State Parks system. Located in the rapidly growing, increasingly urban and diverse Northshore area, WA State Parks classifies SESP as an Urban Gateway Park.  With its intact, diverse ecosystems, and proximity to urban communities and diversity of visitorship, SESP serves as an ideal reference site at which to develop outdoor environmental education, outreach and interpretation and community science research programs.

The park is currently open to the public, but the EERC facility is not open until after the renovation is complete. Please contact us through email rather than visiting us in person.

St. Edward State Park (not a mailing or office address)
14445 Juanita Drive N.E.
Kenmore, WA 98028