EERC History, Development, & Facility Renovation

The Environmental Education and Research Center’s indoor facility is located in the Annex to the Saint Edward State Park Gymnasium. The EERC’s learning and gathering spaces include a multipurpose classroom, office, and outdoor learning area.

2022 – 2023

  • UW Bothell equips the facility with furniture, technology, and supplies
  • Interagency Agreement between Washington State Parks and UW Bothell completed and signed.

2021 – 2022

  • EERC building renovation completed
  • The EERC includes the classroom and office space as well as the Outdoor Learning Area (OLA)

  • An interagency agreement between Washington State Parks and UW Bothell in development


  • $750,000 allocated by Washington State Legislature for facility design and renovation
  • Collaborative design work for EERC headed by Sundberg Kennedy Ly-Au Young (SKL) Architects.
    • 2,200 ft2 interior space with classroom, office, and reading room space. Sinks and counters for wet lab activities included.
    • Outdoor learning area to include garden and seating
    • Sustainability design features leading to Core Green® Building Designation pending funding.
  • UW Bothell commits support over 3½ years to develop EERC infrastructure and programming
  • MOU for EERC operations signed between UW Bothell and Washington State Parks
  • EERC Website, newsletters, and social media established
  • Renovation begins in March 2021


  • EERC Community-based planning process
    • MOU for planning process signed between UW Bothell and Washington State Parks
    • Funding provided by Washington State Legislature
    • Process led by EERC Planning Committee and EERC Community Advisory Board
    • Three public forums (charrette-style) held
  • 2019 EERC Final Report


Original brick gym annex
Gym annex

Washington State Parks signed a lease with Daniels Real Estate company to renovate the main seminary building for use as a lodge. Community input resulted in the lease including over 2,000 square feet of space for an environmental education center in the gym annex building.