EERC History, Development, & Facility Renovation

The Environmental Education and Research Center’s indoor facility where CoSEE operates is located in the Annex to the Saint Edward State Park Gymnasium. The EERC’s learning and gathering spaces include a multipurpose classroom, office, and outdoor learning area.

2022 – 2023

  • UW Bothell equips the facility with furniture, technology, and supplies
  • Interagency Agreement between Washington State Parks and UW Bothell completed and signed.

2021 – 2022

  • EERC building renovation completed
  • The EERC includes the classroom and office space as well as the Outdoor Learning Area (OLA)

  • An interagency agreement between Washington State Parks and UW Bothell in development


  • $750,000 allocated by Washington State Legislature for facility design and renovation
  • Collaborative design work for EERC headed by Sundberg Kennedy Ly-Au Young (SKL) Architects.
    • 2,200 ft2 interior space with classroom, office, and reading room space. Sinks and counters for wet lab activities included.
    • Outdoor learning area to include garden and seating
    • Sustainability design features leading to Core Green® Building Designation pending funding.
  • UW Bothell commits support over 3½ years to develop EERC infrastructure and programming
  • MOU for EERC operations signed between UW Bothell and Washington State Parks
  • EERC Website, newsletters, and social media established
  • Renovation begins in March 2021


  • EERC Community-based planning process
    • MOU for planning process signed between UW Bothell and Washington State Parks
    • Funding provided by Washington State Legislature
    • Process led by EERC Planning Committee and EERC Community Advisory Board
    • Three public forums (charrette-style) held
  • 2019 EERC Final Report


Original brick gym annex
Gym annex

Washington State Parks signed a lease with Daniels Real Estate company to renovate the main seminary building for use as a lodge. Community input resulted in the lease including over 2,000 square feet of space for an environmental education center in the gym annex building.